Corsage: Facts Within Fiction

It is rare that I go out of my way to see foreign films, but after multiple trailer viewings, Corsage became very appealing. I didn’t read ANYTHING about the plot, so I knew the plot was from the main trailer. I was pleasantly surprised! While it wasn’t the most memorable film for me, the retelling of Empress Elisabeth of Austria’s life was fascinating. As someone who isn’t a huge history buff, I found it insightful to learn bits and pieces of an unknown figure’s life. 

The film premiered at Cannes Film Festival in 2022 and was directed/written by Marie Kreutzer. Vicky Krieps plays the Empress with effortless ease. She is able to slip into the role and captivate audiences with her ability to fool us all. I will be seeking out more of her projects in the future! Phantom Thread has made its way up my to-watch list!

The fragility of the Empress’s image is at risk as rumors begin to swirl. Known for her looks, she begins to spiral downwards. The public comments about her weight and how she looks in general, with little regard for her feelings. To many, she is simply something to look at and adore. This begins to affect her daily habits and diet. She eats little to no food daily, rebels by smoking cigarettes, and generally starts to unravel her crafted image while doing her best to keep it intact. It is a truly tragic tale.

The cinematography and music are exceptional! They set the tones for different scenes. Coupled with the glacial pace, the music adds excitement and personality. I loved the credit music, along with the little scene included. 

With all of the things I enjoyed out of the way, I want to reiterate that the plot does not move quickly. I am not a huge fan of historical dramas because of the pacing issues often associated with historical films, so I should have known beforehand! The trailers made it seem a little more intriguing. I think that with a little more excitement, there could have been more opportunities to showcase the degradation of the protagonist’s mind and health. That does not mean the film wasn’t great! It is a gem to look at, and the acting performances from each of the leads is a force to behold.  I highly recommend a viewing if you are a fan of historical pictures. I would also like to say that I am fortunate to be near a theater that offers more indie and foreign films! Love you, Tower Theater! These are also my own thoughts and takeaways from the film. I would love to see what everyone else has to say! Now, have a great rest of your day, and maybe keep some gossip to yourself…

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