After Yang: A Family Love Story

Many things make a family feel whole. The bonds that are shared between one another, and the never-ending love. But, as many people know, family members are not always around. So how does one move on from such tragedy? How do you cope with having to let go so suddenly? That is the core of the 2022 film After Yang. It is written and directed by Kongonada and adapted from the short story “Saying Goodbye To Yang” from the book “Children of the New World” by Alexander Weinstein. Collin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Malea Emma, and Justin H. Min make up the incredible leading cast. Their family dynamic is well-established and acted with grace and poise. Each of the characters is fully fleshed out. The actors understand their characters and how to portray their intentions. The best part is the film is PG and totally family-friendly. Like Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, deep topics of life and death come into play, elevating the viewing experience as an adult. I even began thinking about how I would go about the situation. I found a scene involving a grove of trees exceptionally well written and acted. Needless to say, I recommend a viewing ASAP. 

The story revolves around Jake (Farrell), Kyra (Turner Smith), their daughter Mika (Emma), and their AI son Yang (Min). The family purchased Yang to help Mika connect better with her Asian heritage. Over the years, he becomes like a son to them. As time passed, Yang formed a deeper connection with Mika than her parents had with her. When Yang begins to malfunction and ultimately turn off, it is discovered there is a problem within his core. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to turn back on. Jake is faced with deciding what to do next. Does he give him to a local museum to be studied, or does he try again to bring him back in some way? When he is given Yang’s memories, his decision is made easier. The event forever changes his family, and they ultimately grow stronger by the moment. 

There is so much heart woven into the film. You connect to the family almost instantly. As stated earlier, the acting is exceptional, and the writing is insightful. The understanding of the content is apparent as every aspect of the film is woven together like a tapestry. The cinematography is exceptional. A24, one of the production companies behind the film, has brought us yet another moving film with this offer. They are the production company behind Aftersun as well as Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. All three of these entries make it clear the studio understands what it is to connect with others. A viewing with family is highly recommended as it may bring up conversations with younger children. Now, have a great day! Love your family!

2 responses to “After Yang: A Family Love Story”

  1. Lovely review to read. I especially love the brief comparison to Marcel the Shell With Shoes On. A24 really does make great movies!


  2. Lovely review to read. I especially loved the brief comparison with Marcel The Shell With Shoes On. A24 really does make great movies!


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