The Whale: The Loved And The Lost

Darren Aronofsky returns to the director’s chair for the 2022 film The Whale, based on the 2012 play written by Samuel D. Hunter. Hunter returned to pen the script for the film adaptation. Brendan Fraser leads the charge with an award-worthy performance. He is partly matched by his co-stars, with stand-out performances by Hong Chau and Sadie Sink. Their absolute devotion to their characters is truly unique. Aronofsky, Hunter, and the cast created a film I could only personally describe as remarkable. A true gem. 

Charlie is a professor of an online English course. Unfortunately, he also happens to weigh 600 pounds. Because of this, he has become a recluse, never leaving his apartment. His only consistent human contact is his nurse, Liz, played by Hong Chau. When given some terrible news, he tries to rekindle his estranged daughter, Ellie, played by Sadie Sink. The main themes I noticed throughout the film surrounded the idea of loss. Ellie lost her father when he left to pursue a new love. Likewise, Charlie lost the love of his life. While the two experiences are vastly different, they are pushed to drastic measures to cope with their feelings of being left behind and alone. Ellie becomes quite cynical while Charlie turns to food. Fraser and Sink give career-defining performances worthy of the highest possible praise. The two actors showcase their acting skills with fierce passion.

The film gained multiple standing ovations during its time on the festival circuit. Fraser’s performance is being called out in particular. It cements him as a frontrunner for the Oscar. Aside from the excellent cast, the writing is awe-inspiring. Since Hunter was brought back to write the screenplay, you can tell that he understands the characters and their story arcs. I cannot give this film enough praise. It is for sure in my top ten of the year. It brought me so much joy that my theater was so packed. Finally, it is getting the attention it deserves. I recommend a viewing! While heavier topics are discussed, there are many great moments of hope to balance it all out. Now, have a good day, and please, be kind.

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