Avatar: The Way Of Water: A Proper Sequel

After 13 years, the sequel to the 2009 powerhouse, Oscar-winning visual masterpiece Avatar, has finally arrived. The original film focuses on Jake Sully as he travels to another planet in lieu of his deceased brother. Pandora is home to the Na’vi, a society of human-like beings with unique attributes (blue skin and taller than most humans) and unique connections to the land and animals. The land consists of floating mountains, large treacherous jungles, and plants and creatures one could only dream of. Jakes’s mission is to use an avatar that resembles the Na’vi to intercept them and convince them to move, as there are precious materials that the military wants. As Jake spends more time with the Na’vi, he realizes this is his true home and decides to fight alongside them. In addition, the film comments on colonialism and the destruction caused to our environment. It became the highest-grossing movie worldwide ($2,922,917,914) and was a top contender for the 2009 Oscars for Best Picture, though it lost to The Hurt Locker. However, it’s safe to say the film was a success. Multiple sequels are slated to be released following Way Of Water

Let’s move on to the sequel. I went in almost completely blind. The only things I knew of the story were from the few previews I saw. I didn’t even read the description! And I wouldn’t have changed that at all. This worked in my favor because of how unsure I was. There were no expectations story-wise. I was pretty shaken throughout the film by the excellent character development and story arcs. Seeing such significant character development in an action movie outside of Marvel was jarring. Each character, animals included, felt like a fully fleshed-out being plucked straight out of our own world. This is due in equal parts to the writers’ successful efforts to build the character and the actors breathing life into the words written on each page. To sum it up, go in as blind as possible. You will not be disappointed.

As I stated earlier, the 2009 film talks about environmental issues and colonialism. Given that those are both heavy topics, I assumed they would be discussed again. I was pleasantly surprised with how the filmmakers kept those same sentiments while adding to the hypocrisy in society and within those who wield power. The best example, of course, comes from the resentment of the Na’vi by the humans. They despise them, yet they wish to harness their same powers and abilities. They are selfish, only able to care for those who serve them. Their unkind nature was a bit too hard-hitting at points. While it serves the plot, it becomes hard to shake the feeling of such hatred. You could say they are pretty well-written villains!

The hype for the film crept up on me, like a whisper becoming a roar. As the release drew closer, I felt a sizzle in the air and aches in my bones. The excitement built itself on firm grounds and was matched equally with satisfaction. The CGI was on point throughout the film, with a few mishaps weaved seamlessly. Every texture looked as accurate as the things you see every day. Pandora seems as though it is a real place with the film shooting happening on-site. The Oscars for visual effects are already resting nicely on the filmmaker’s shelves, polished and everything. Be forewarned! The 3-hour run time can drag in small spots, but sticking it out is worth it. Have coffee before! I am so glad I got to see this with my dad! Now, have a great day on this beautiful planet.

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