She Said: A Powerful True Story

She Said is a 2022 film about the reporters behind the New York Times article exposing the Harvey Weinstein scandal. I would like to issue a trigger warning for possible discussion of assault. Please be aware.

The movie is in my personal top 5 of the year. I am a sucker for Carey Mulligan, and she delivers an astounding performance as reporter Megan Twohey who is a real-life investigative journalist for The New York Times. Zoe Kazan pulls off a similar performance as fellow journalist Jodi Kantor. The two have great chemistry, and each scene they are conversing in showcases well-done banter as though they have been lifelong friends. Both actors did extensive research for their part, both about their real-life counterparts and into the story itself. Both have award nominations written in their futures.

While I usually go into the film’s plot, I do not need to as it is a true story. I instead would like to talk about the world we live in and the fear that has been instilled. My takeaway from the film is that we, as a society, have pushed others to the brink of keeping them quiet. I don’t understand how people can find it in their hearts to push hatred into the world. The movie makes sure you, as the viewer, understand what could happen if these actors spoke out against a man in charge. While there was great hope at the end, I walked away, remembering what we had done to each other. 

I recommend watching the film for yourself. While it is a biography, it plays out almost like a thriller. The plot propels along quite quickly, and the tension built by the sound design keeps you on your toes. A specific restaurant scene had me holding my breath in the theater. Again, I would like to reiterate that the film discusses assault and may be upsetting to some viewers. However, it does leave a message of hope and empowerment in the end! I appreciated that it left itself on a good note, as it may have been too much of a downer to end any sooner. Finally, seeing the article being published is a total win for everyone. People in my theater even cheered! Again, please see the film for yourself. Now have a good rest of your day, and please ensure you are reaching out for help when needed.

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