Something In The Dirt: Trust Lies Deep Behind Conspiracies

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorehead are not strangers to the horror genre. The pair have become indie horror darlings, directing and starring in films such as Resolution (2012) and The Endless (2017). Their latest outing- 2022’s Something In The Dirt, a psychological horror-thriller about two men on the brink of an extraordinary discovery. The film explores trust between two strangers as they travel deeper into their own conspiracy theories to cope with the unknown. who happen to stumble right into the unknown. As they travel deeper their conspiracy theories become more and more far fetched. 

I can personally see this film pushing the two talented directors into the mainstream because of its obscurity and originality. We find ourselves in an LA apartment complex where two strangers turn mild acquaintances John (Moorehead) and Levi (Benson) experience an other worldly occurrence when a blissful light beams through a window and a crystal begins to float. The pair decides to document their experience through film and that’s the movie that graces our screens. . The same movie we happen to be watching. The two quickly spiral into theories, even trying to one up each other at times. Their trust in each other is put to the test as they continue down the journey and learn more about each other. The two barely know each other, but as more layers are pulled back the more they begin to question who they are really working with. The limits of their new found friendship is put to the test. Will they both survive? Or does something extraordinary have other plans?

The film gives a great take on conspiracy theorists and their drive to prove themselves rights. Their obsessions grow and grow until they become pleas to find reason in their lives. The explanation of each theory does seem to drag on and never truly build the tension needed. They just seem to exist for the need to fill time. While they do serve the story they just never seem to build up the hype of what’s being said. 

The overarching ideas on friendship really help to carry the film along. The two start off on good enough terms. By the end of the film the tables have turned and each has their own reason for disdain. The build up towards the evident destruction is quite enticing as the two seem to compete for who is right. Now I don’t want to spoil too much so I will leave the plot discussion here!

Visually the film is a treat. I quite liked the cinematography. The documentary aspect works well thanks to the editing. The style is sleek, like a Netflix documentary. I personally cannot wait to see more from the pair of directors. Have a great day, and maybe stay away from your kooky neighbors. 

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