The Banshees Of Inisherin: Hurt Feelings

         Martin McDonagh knows what he is doing. Who would have thought a story about two Irish gentlemen’s friendship could be so intriguing? Not I, until about 5 minutes in to the film when I was hooked. The story focuses on two older gentlemen in Ireland during their Civil War. The two lifelong friends are driven apart when one of them decides he no longer likes the other. The man begins to question why his friend won’t speak to him, and soon his motivation becomes something more. This decision allows the story to examine what we deem important and how much is really put in to friendships. Do we go along with the friendship even though we no longer find use, or do we let them go for our own well being? But the most important question asked is, in my opinion, how much are you willing to put into a friendship even if you’re getting nothing in return?

         Colin Farrel and Brendan Gleeson lead the supreme cast of characters as Pádraic and Colm respectively. Colm makes the decision, and Pádraic is the one who has been left in the dust. Farrel, in my opinion, is a total shoe in for an Oscar. He plays Pádraic with such ease that it is hard to remember he is only playing a character. The same can be said for actress Kerry Condon who plays his sister Siobhan. The two play off each other with such a natural feel. Farrel plays the loveable yet dull sibling to Condon’s hard headed yet kind and caring sister. I promise that you will be leaving the theater applauding the entire cast.

         So now we come to the part about lessons. I would like to personally focus on the decision to stay or leave a relationship between peers if it does not suit you. I have had personal friendships that posed the same question. The. Biggest difference here is mine were in high school! Never the less the same feelings and thoughts are there. It may sound selfish but I am a personal believer in letting go of those who cannot be a positive influence in your life. All that being said I would still agree that Colm is the bad guy here. His reasoning for separating himself is very valid, but the manner in which he executed it was quite terrible. Abrupt endings to relationships never truly end well. This cautionary, yet funny, tale truly cements that statement.

I could not recommend this film any more than I already do. The writing especially is a stand out. McDonagh, who took on the roles of both writer and director, truly understood the type of humor and wit needed to keep the story from turning too silly. One could argue the film takes on more darker tones, but you have to balance the dark comedy genre fairly well and both genres soared. The passion behind the film is clear as it does not set out to try to be more than what it is, unlike some films this year but I won’t name names! I really hope that these sentiments encourage you to see the film for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed! Have a great night and please be kind to your friends.

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