• Gerald’s Game: The Binding Nature Of Love

    Hello! I know it has been a moment since my last post, but here we are! I am sure you were all waiting with bated breath! Today we are looking at both a Mike Flanagan film AND a personal favorite of mine! How exciting! Now, the film does dive into trauma and assault, so if…


  • A Man Called Otto: Redemption

    Sometimes, those of us who hold the biggest grudges can have the largest of hearts. So is the case with our protagonist Otto Anderson in the 2023 film A Man Called Otto. The film was adapted from the novel En Man Som Heter Ove, known in the U.S. as A Man Called Ove, written by…


  • Women Talking: The Power Of Good Writing

    Trigger Warning: Physical and sexual assault. Please be advised.  How do you approach a decision when they have been made for you all your life? Do you go against your own beliefs in the risk of a better life? How do you justify leaving those beliefs behind? These are some of the core questions discussed…


  • Gone Girl: The Gifts Of Marriage

    The cool girl walks past you at a party. She is flawless, graceful, and effervescent. A whirlwind romance begins, and the two of you get married years later. But, five years later, you’re stuck in a loveless marriage in your hometown with a failing bar to your name. Suddenly, life is flipped upside down as…


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